Monthly Archives: August 2020

WMBW Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas

It’s been about 4 weeks since our first post on our body transformation / Fit at 40 journey with The Arrow Club and we thought it was time for an 8-week update. If you missed the first post and want to know where it all started, you can catch up here. The last few weeks have been kinda […]

Dressiquette – Tie Bars Sit Between the 3rd & 4th Button

Here’s another update on a Dressiquette post that is now over 7 years old – Not that the ruling on where to wear your tie bar has changed but it would seem, however, that either A: No one read the original post or B: Everyone has read it but is choosing to ignore it. Tie bars seem to be […]